Training and Education

Ring Craft Training

Getting your dog to perform in the show ring is a lot harder than it looks. It takes many hours of dedicated practice to build the skills and rapport that are necessary to do well in a competition.

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Obedience Training

Obedience training teaches your dog to respond reliably to your commands in whatever situation you find yourself. We do this with a range of exercises that will familarise handlers and their dogs to daily occurring situations.

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Handling Training

If you are thinking about showing your dog then our handling training is a must. You will need to consider the breed of your dog and the training that you will both require in order to be successful.

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Educational Seminars

Chippenham & DCS will aim to host one educational seminar a year to help aspiring judges and stewards meet the criterion of the Kennel Club’s Judges Competency Framework.

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Taravon Shooting Star with his Award
Taravon Shooting Star with daughter Marlbarton Destiny for Taravon
Taravon Shooting Star winning CC at Boston Terrier Club Championships
Taravon Sassy winning Limit at Boston Terrier Club of Scotland
Handling a Saluki at CDCS
Indi Gundog Grp 3 Westbury Open Show
Tomikees Made in Heaven at Devonia
My work is done!