Getting your dog to perform in the show ring is a lot harder than it looks. It takes many hours of dedicated practice to build the skills and rapport that are necessary to do well in a competition. Here at the CDCS we have all the experience you need to help you improve your ring craft skills whilst having a lot of fun along the way. We will show you how to improve your handling skills and how to present your dog in the best way possible. You will work together, improve together and build a special rapport together. You will both enjoy the training and your dog will want to partake for you. It will also be an important part of socialising your dog and getting it used to interacting with different people and other dogs. It will learn how to behave in the show ring and make it confident in accepting examination by a judge.

Our training will benefit novice and experienced show exhibitors alike and will provide you with a thorough training basis for both you and your dog, whether you actually show or not!

Monthly matches are held throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring, creating situations which are more likely to be met within the showing world. These are informal meets and a great way to introduce novice dogs and handlers to showing. The fourth Thursday of the month is normally a match night, when a guest judge presides in an informal and friendly competitive atmosphere.

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At any show, the judge is responsible for comparing each dog to find the healthiest one who is nearest to the breed standard. They must ensure that the dogs are "Fit for Function".

Essentially the breed standard is a picture in words of how a breed should look and behave.  A judge will therefore not only assess how you handle and present your dog, but its temperament as well. It must conform to breed standards to do well at competition.

Typically there will be a minimum of 3 or 4 scheduled classes per breed at open shows, and 14 or more at championship shows, where the classes are further divided into dogs and bitches. Championship shows will attract a bigger entry than open shows and, if you have a popular breed, your dog could be competing against up to 100+ others.


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It is incredibly important that your dog is correctly socialised. Our ring craft training will get it used to interacting with different people and other dogs. Handlers will also benefit by meeting similarly minded individuals in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Learn New Skills

You will learn how to improve your handling skills and present your dog in the show ring in the best way possible. You will learn to work together to achieve the best results and you will develop a very special rapport that will last a lifetime.

Gain Confidence

Your dog will become confident in accepting examination by a show judge and therefore interaction with other people. You will become confident in handling your dog both inside and outside the ring. These sessions form will benefit you, whether you show or not.

Ring Craft at CDCS

Meet on Thursday evenings at the Langley Burrell Village Hall

Kessaku Scooby Doo is another CDCs winner!

Ringcraft: Thursday evenings
Class Training 19:30-21:00pm

Monthly match (3rd Thursday each month)
7.45pm to 9.30pm (Approx)

Class Fees
£3.00 for each Dog
£5.00 total for any extra dog with the same handler

Langley Burrell Village Hall,
Manor Farm Lane, Langley Burrell,
Chippenham. SN15 4LL.

Contact Information for booking
Please email cmeakin30@hotmail.com

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