Breeze on a rock

Training my puppy Breeze

Obedience and discipline are extremely important to me as a working dog owner; training is a big part of life for both me and my dogs.

I have previously trained two dogs, both attending CDCS and both achieved the Good Citizen Gold Award. This has assisted with the training of my newest puppy Breeze.

Between 8-12 weeks old I started training Breeze through play. Calling and using her name when training, feeding or playing helped her with name recognition, I introduced sit and stay before feeds, I would throw small toys to encourage recall and always gave lots of encouragement and praise especially if she brought the item back, in these first few weeks exercises were not always successful, It was about being consistent and repeating the exercises, and this set Breeze in good stead for the Good Citizen puppy foundation.

I commenced training with Breeze from a very young age of 12 weeks, with CDCS Good Citizen puppy foundation. The puppy foundation course starts with the basics of training, introducing socialisation with people and other dogs, positions of sit and stay, recall, puppy name recognition, walking in a controlled manner, handling and grooming, these are a few of the exercises at this level which covers the basics and sets the foundation for further advanced training.

Breeze (Onscent Holly Breeze) is a working Cocker Spaniel bred from my own bitch FTW Centrewalk Holly of Hestmoor and OFTW Priorsmeadow Berillo. The purpose of training Breeze is to eventually work her on a commercial shoot once she is trained and has matured and is responsive to commands.

I always do some form of training on a daily basis, I tend to keep training sessions short usually no more than 20 minutes at a time, I find short sessions always work best for me and my dogs and I only ever train one dog at a time.

Training for me is about repetitive exercises, consistency; rewarding the dog for good positive behaviour with praise and encouragement; I always ensure every training session ends with a positive result for both of us.

Breeze passed her Bronze Good Citizen award on her first attempt aged seven months.  I am now training her in the Silver Class and I hope to enter her for the next assessment when she will be seventeen months old.   If all goes well we will then start going for gold!

Breeze sitting sideways
Breeze and mum